US presidents have always been held to higher standards, until now.

Why do we make so many excuses for Trump's bad behavior? The Washington Post documented in July that Trump has lied more than 20,000 times, roughly 20 lies daily. Be diligent with multiple news sources, do your own searches and fact checks.

Trump's divisive rhetoric, mocking, name calling, conspiracy theories and bully behavior only divides our country. Many broken promises and red flags.

Trump promised to build a wall that Mexico would pay for. Trump promised 500 to 600 miles of wall. He only built 5 miles of new wall and 25 miles of replacement wall.

Red flag: Lafayette Park peaceful protest near the White House was underway and Trump wanted a photo opportunity. Trump had the military disperse the crowd with tear gas and rubber bullets. Trump borrowed a Bible, which he held upside down in front of the church. He never opened the Bible, never read scripture. This gives Christianity a bad name while suppressing freedom of speech with military intrusion.

His actions speak louder than words.

Red flag: Portland, Oregon, protest in August, Trump praised his supporters when they rolled onto the streets with flags waving to shoot protesters with paint guns. He is fanning the flames of violence.

Trump claimed to be a good businessman but has filed bankruptcy six times. Trump is deeply in debt, and his massive debt stokes national security concerns. Bob Woodward's own words, "Trump is not the right man for the job."