Dear President Trump,

You said, "If you don't like it here--leave!" I would like to point out to you that is NOT the American Way. When your grandfather did not like the way Germany was being run, that is what he did. He moved to Alaska and later New York to seek his fortune.

The American way is when you are unhappy, you get up on a soapbox and complain about it. If you are right, you will gather together a group of like-minded citizens, and you vote in leaders who run it how you think is better. That is the American way.

Also, you complain about "chain immigration." Someone comes to this country and gains citizenship, and then they bring in more and more of their family. I would like to know: How did the parents of your wife get to come to the United States? What special skills did they have that made them the "high quality immigrants" that you say should be the ones we allow to come here? Maybe we should start telling people to leave based on the short time they have been here.