The ethics of our current president were best encapsulated at the 2017 NATO summit. With the world watching, President Trump literally pushed the prime minister of Montenegro out of his way to walk in front of him. At his first meeting with international leaders, the leadership style displayed by our president was to physically push aside another world leader. He tells us he is the “greatest,” “biggest,” “richest,” “strongest,” “best” and the “only one who can do this.”

When you are a world leader, everything cannot be about you.

Past presidents have sought to be examples of humility, compassion and service to others. This is a man who would rather disparage others than serve them. Daily he demonstrates his idolatry of money and power rather than a commitment to public service.

Our Founders established a system of checks and balances as a fundamental principle of the Constitution. All three branches of government have separate and unique powers in order to guard against domination by any one branch. A president who does not respect their opponents, the limits of power, the rules of the political process, the other branches of government and the protections of the Constitution dishonors the office of the presidency and is a threat to our republic. Nobody can be above the law in a representative democracy, but Donald Trump seems to believe he is.


East Troy