The GOP-elected senators and representatives are collectively suffering from TDR (Trump derangement syndrome). TDR is similar to the Stockholm syndrome, which is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity. This condition very succinctly describes the present GOP.

Trump’s actions regarding his finances, taxes, emoluments violations, porn-star payoffs, conflicts or interest, campaign finance violations, charitable fund violations, foreign influence, obstruction of justice and bribery in less than three years are a presidential crime wave of historic proportions.

Regardless of these offenses, the GOP remains publicly submissive to Trump. When Sen. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana, repeatedly states on television that Ukraine (not Russia) attacked the 2016 election (even though he has been briefed by the intelligence community that it was Russia), it makes a non-GOP head spin. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, was upset that Trump withheld Ukrainian funds in attempting to obtain a “quid pro quo”, but he still publicly defends Trump? What is it about Trump that makes the GOP continue to publicly drink the Trump Kool-Aid?

The House has embarked on impeachment proceedings against Trump and the GOP’s only defenses are procedural objections, completely ignoring the criminal claims that are being charged. Rep. Jerry Nadler of the House Judiciary Committee has invited Trump and his lawyers to testify before Congress, but we know that will never happen because Trump would quickly perjure himself as he is incapable of speaking without lying.

When, if ever, will the GOP support their constitutional oath rather than Trump fealty?