The May 12 letter to the editor ("Trump ranks as one of the greatest presidents") shows how Jim Jones got his folks to drink the Kool-Aid.

If you want a leader who is racist (see Charleston, South Carolina), Donald Trump is your guy.

If you prefer a leader who lies, Trump is your guy (more than 18,000 likes, according to The Washington Post).

If you prefer a leader who hates science, Trump is your ticket to stupid. Try injecting bleach.

If you want a leader with numerous failed businesses, Trump will fit the bill.

If you want a business leader with six bankruptcies, Don has that in his resume.

If you want a leader with no empathy for those killed by the virus and their families, there is Don.

If adultery is good for you, Trump fits that bill. Porn stars and playmates and who else?

If you want a revolving door of incompetent administrators, see Trump's cabinet.

If you want a political party who champions death for old folks, Trump can and will help you.

If you have a health crisis that needs bungling, Trump administration IS doing that right now.

If you want a grifter for the 1%, Donny is your guy.

I and my family will put our voices and money to rid America of this infestation of corruption.