I have found one thing for sure in 3½ years regarding our president and the Democrats and most of the news media: A person can figure it will be negative news over 90% of the time even though Trump has done something good for the country or the American people.

While Trump has stayed positive in helping all people of different color—rich, medium or poor—the Democratic control of Congress only tried to impeach him since he took over as president. Trump had this country in great shape and the people in it with record resolved time. You would never know that if you only heard or read how they worded to you what he may have said or accomplished.

One thing about Trump, what he campaigned on is what he has done, including the building of the wall. I respect him for that, and I have not seen that with other presidents!

Some people say they don't like his attitude or he tweets too much. How else is he going to get the correct message to the people? Attitude, I personally can over-look that as well as his personality if he does as he says he will do.

Joe Biden, haven't heard of him for approximately two months except when he would complain about Trump what he said or did. Yes, lately tried saying what his agenda is. Trump has accomplished what needs done. I have no reason Trump won't continue to accomplish what he indicates.