Democracy has been a source of pride for Americans, but bit by bit democracy has been eroded. The current administration is like a tsunami, ripping it apart.

It took a court order and nearly four years of investigation to see Trump's tax returns. The president is over $300 million in debt; that poses a national security risk.

Emoluments clause: Forbids federal office holders from accepting gifts or money from foreign entities. Trump hotels and golf courses, used by foreign dignitaries violate this clause.

The judiciary was created to be a nonpartisan branch, but in the last decade money has poured into candidates favoring one party over another.

Congress holds the power of the purse and the right to hold hearings for impeachable offenses. This administration has ignored subpoenas and forbade members from appearing before Congress. It has appropriated money not approved by Congress.

The press is not fake news. We need a free press to objectively examine and question governmental powers, bringing daylight to obstruction of justice or wrongdoing.

Use of the military against its own citizens is perhaps the most frightening abuse of power, and outfitting local police forces with tanks, armored vehicles and military grade weaponry is very disturbing.

Americans working together can heal and create out of chaos a better democracy. By the people, for the people is the ideal. A vote for democrats is a vote to restore democracy.


Fort Atkinson