It's about time Traxler Park is considered as a site to allow homeless people to park overnight! I talked about this location on Feb.10 at the Janesville City Council meeting.

The Traxler Park warming house is not being used. It has restrooms and a large fireplace for warming. Back in February when I spoke on this issue, it was still cold, and my concern was about running car engines to keep warm and for the homeless that did not have a car.

Traxler Park has a large parking lot and no close residents to complain. I again talked about this location at a June 26 community forum.

A city official stated that Traxler Park would not work because of Aqua Jays shows, but those shows would be over by the 10 p.m. for use of the parking lot.

Many of the city council members I talked with liked the idea. This is a temporary solution. I asked during the forum about long-term help for the homeless, and no one commented.

My vision to build tiny homes is still a plan that I hope will be used for helping not only the homeless but all that need lower cost shelter.



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