Marc Thiessen has put his foot in his mouth in blaming China for the coronavirus spread in his Thursday column. In doing so, he has unintentionally perfectly described our woeful president and his administration's inept attempts to fight our coronavirus pandemic.

Thiessen ranted, “This is what totalitarian regimes do. First, they lie to themselves, and then, they lie to the world. The system creates such fear that people are terrified to report bad news up the chain, causing 'authoritarian blindness.' Then, when those at the top finally discover the truth, they try to cover it up — because leaders who abuse their people are less concerned with saving lives than making sure the world does not discover the deadly inefficiency of their system.”

Truer words were never written about our current president and especially his approach to coronavirus. After several weeks of dismissing any danger for the U.S., Donald Trump publicly lied (again) two days ago, saying that he was aware of the pandemic long before anyone else (regardless of the multiple video examples of his dismissal of the virus) and that he “takes no responsibility.” Besides being inept, Trump accepts no blame for ANYTHING.

We have a president that lies so often that he cannot keep up with what he last said. Further, we have an administration that is terrified to give Trump news that does not fit Trump’s world view. Thiessen has diagnosed the problem correctly, but instead of using China as his punching bag, Trump should be his target.