People nowadays are so quick to criticize and slow to compliment, especially when it comes to law enforcement.

But I want to bring three outstanding Rock County sheriff's deputies to your attention deputies Zak Raby, Erik Albeck and Ryan Ooms. My husband was killed in a horrible accident on June 17, and the kindness and compassion shown to me and my family by these three deputies went above and beyond duty.

My daughter was actually stopped at the Rock River bridge on Highway 14 because of the accident. I was on the phone, upset because her dad was not yet home. She asked Deputy Raby if a motorcycle was involved in the accident. He excused himself to get some information, and when he returned the compassion he used to calmly tell my daughter that her dad was involved in the accident cannot be taught in any textbook.

Deputies Albeck and Ooms met us at the hospital where we were confronted with the terrible news that my husband "did not make it." They assured us that my husband did nothing wrong and that the accident was being fully investigated. All three deputies should be applauded for the care and compassion they showed us during this difficult time. This level of understanding comes from deep within and cannot be learned in any classroom. This is just a short version of a very long day, but I just wanted to give these three young men the attention they deserve.