Recently, Vice President Mike Pence gave a commencement speech to Christian graduates. He made a big to-do about, as Christians, they would be scoffed at and put-upon for their beliefs.

I have always been stymied about claims of Christians being put down for their beliefs in our country. For one thing, I have rarely if ever seen any mass prejudice against Christians or any organized efforts to put down or limit Christian beliefs. I have, however, seen and heard Pence and others make such claims while at the same time attacking other religions (i.e. Muslim beliefs).

This popular trend for one sect of Christians to lead the Christian world into the political realm—which they want to lead, of course—is scary and reeks of the Church overseeing the government.

The use of any religious organization to control or gain power in our government seems to go against all constitutional guards to separate religion and government. I don't mind people like Pence using his beliefs to gain power, but if they will attempt to install them as a means to measure laws, courts and elections, we need to be prepared for all other religions to follow suit.

Also be prepared to have citizens answerable to one Christian system, (surprisingly, there are many systems, and they all have pretty big differences), sort of like the Pope for the Catholic systems. This is what Pence and the Evangelicals are selling.

The question is, are you buying?