The double standard by the Democrats is on full display. In 2018, Democrats attempted to politically assassinate Brett Kavanaugh ahead of his Supreme Court confirmation for allegations that surfaced against him. Kavanaugh willfully testified in front of Congress, which conducted a thorough investigation into the allegations ahead of his confirmation.

Now in 2020, with allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden surfacing, Democrats across the country and here in Wisconsin have remained silent on the issue. Tara Reade is extremely brave for coming forward with her story, and she deserves to be heard.

We deserve answers from Joe Biden, and it’s time to stop silencing Tara Reade. It’s hypocritical that Wisconsin Democrats rushed to condemn Kavanaugh but have yet to even acknowledge Tara Reade.

Before Joe Biden is confirmed as the nominee, we need answers, and Tara Reade deserves to be heard. It’s up to the Democrat Party to complete a thorough and complete investigation into Biden’s past.