Wisconsin has been the victim of a vast left-wing media conspiracy, and the state's Legislature, led by men of intelligence, insight and integrity, should convene IMMEDIATELY to overturn the incorrectly and UNJUSTLY reported outcome of the Wisconsin vs. Northwestern football game last Saturday.

The fact that ALL the lamestream media reported the score as 17-7 in Northwestern's favor is obvious evidence that the FAKE NEWS conspiracy is so vast that it could only be funded by George Soros and the Clinton Foundation. And take a look at the Northwestern football roster. Trifunovic? Maldonado? Can you say Ukraine and Venezuela?

The referees' collusion on pass interference calls was so brazen that it was obvious they already knew what the REPORTED outcome of the game would be. And let's not forget that Evanston, where the game was played, is nothing more than an extension of Chicago, which has been a SAFE HAVEN for intellectual elites, liberal celebrities and lousy football teams for decades.

Wisconsin led in first downs, rushing and return yards and time of possession. BIGLY!

Wisconsin won by 77-0, if not 700-0. You don’t need to be a very stable genius to see that, but it helps.

Republican legislators: Correct this injustice NOW!