The GOP used to be the party of Lincoln, now they are the party of Oscar Meyer. Yes, (with a very few notable exceptions) by and large, the GOP is a bunch of weenies.

Sen. Ron Johnson: Johnson has long claimed that his Hunter Biden investigation would show Joe Biden unfit for office. Johnson’s report showed nothing (except that Johnson was unfit for office). Johnson continues to claim (without a shred of evidence) that the election was a fraud and he has “heightened suspicions” regarding the integrity of the election. I have the same feelings regarding Johnson’s sanity. Therefore, I am awarding Johnson four Oscars (my highest/worst rating).

Rep. Tom Tiffany, R-Wausau: The attorney general of Texas files a suit in the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the election in four states, one being Wisconsin. Tiffany signs on to the suit. Tiffany, a staunch “states’ rights” Republican declares that it is okay for Texax to intercede in our Wisconsin election. Tiffany is eligible for a Benedict Arnold award, but I award Tiffany four Oscars.

GOP Legislature: Instead of accepting Biden’s victory, the GOP offered an alternate slate of Trump electors for the Electoral College without any proof that the election was illegal. What is illegal is their stupidity. I award four Oscars to Robin Vos.

State Supreme Court: The three conservative women justices also qualify for the “3 blind mice” award, but I am sticking with Oscars. Kudos to Justice Brian Hagedorn for exhibiting sanity. I award four Oscars to the women Justices.