Our nation is on a reverse course and free-falling into growing government dependence. This is magnified by the fact we drifted away from independence, self-reliance and prosperity only a little over a year ago.

Lack of credible educators in our educational systems, including universities, produced too few critical thinkers and too many gullible adults who cannot distinguish between republics and democracies. They generally buy into the shifting tides of public opinion, which is fueling the culture wars.

Adding to the problem is illegal immigration, which negatively affects every aspect of our society. Most Americans do not support this or giving illegal aliens the same rights as citizens.

Progressives who claim to support the people and do not want voter restrictions seem to favor giving noncitizens voting rights over citizens. Globalists also appear to equate rights of citizens with those of non-citizens. Globalists see the Constitution as outdated, as do many others on the left.

Professor emeritus Victor Davis Hanson states "Rarely in American history have so many influential Americans become so unhappy with our U.S. Constitution and its emphasis on liberty and individual freedom rather than on government-mandated equality."

The significance of citizenship is dying, and so is our republic. The only way to stop this free-fall is with an informed electorate.




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