Government is becoming our bully on the block today. We’re fast approaching the point where a person can’t make a decision to do anything without relying upon government subsidies and the inevitable government control that comes with it all.

For example, Janesville public schools and many others are planning to hire more nurses, social workers, psychologists and school resource officers to assume increasing control of our children’s education. They don’t bother to consider the taxpaying parents’ wishes on the matter. They simply repeat their favorite referendums until they get what they want.

They make every attempt to prevent mothers from exercising more than a minimal role in raising their children and to relegate fathers to an expendable, secondary role in their children’s lives.

Women don’t stay home and raise children anymore. They don’t cook meals every day. They don’t manage a hands-on household. Instead the great majority of younger women make every effort to work full-time and to be independent of their children’s fathers. As a result, the cost of today’s single, working mom lifestyle is increasingly imposed by socialists on both government and private industry to provide a great variety of support programs for these women.

As capable, loving fathers continue lobbying for all aspects of equal rights to their children today, big government socialists oppose their efforts with an endless train of welfare benefits for mothers.

Socialism is bringing democracy with personal responsibility as we know it to an end.



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