Enough of the opinion columns from Marc Thiessen. His American Enterprise Institute biography states Thiessen “writes about presidential leadership.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Donald Trump is undoubtedly the worst president ever. Trump is a habitual liar, a narcissist and a white supremacist. He appoints unqualified people to important governmental positions. He's is an unindicted co-conspirator (“Individual 1”) and is totally clueless about the responsibilities of being president for ALL of our citizens.

Regardless of what outrageous actions Trump does, Thiessen consistently overlooks Trump’s actions. Thiessen does not write about the submissiveness to Trump of the morally challenged GOP elected people in D.C. and instead focuses on his perceived shortcomings of the Democrats. Really?

“Rome is burning” and has been since Trump took office, and Thiessen is totally oblivious to it. Under Trump, the deficit is on a path to more than a $1 trillion per year, and discretionary government spending is growing faster than it ever was under Barack Obama (when he was working to stimulate our way out of the Great Recession).

What Thiessen has previously portrayed as generational theft and galloping socialism under Obama is now accepted with zero Thiessen/GOP outrage under Trump. Thiessen/GOP only cares about deficits when a Democrat is the president.

Thiessen should be speaking out against tariffs. Silence! Our trade deficits are increasing dramatically. Silence! Election security. Silence!

Give your readers a break by removing Thiessen and substitute a writer who has some objectivity regarding what is important in national politics and governing regardless of ideology.