Shame on you for deciding not to endorse a presidential candidate.

What sort of message are you sending to voters? Sit this one out, people, neither candidate is worthy?

Our grandson, who recently turned 18 and will vote for the first time, watched the presidential debate with us. Beforehand, he told me that he wanted to vote for a third party because he didn't like either candidate. I told him I understood that, but the reality is that Biden or Trump will be elected president. How will he want his vote to count?

After the debate, he turned to me, astonished and concerned. I explained these were his choices; better or worse.

Our political system needs a reset. We need leaders who will show respect for others, even if they disagree with them, and strongly condemn those who seek to sow hatred.

We need leaders that will stand behind their words, instead of playing political power games. (RIP, RBG). We need leaders to be truthful and not attack our free press.

We need leaders to remember that they swore to uphold the Constitution, not their political ideologies. We need leaders that will listen to science; not seek to interfere with it to align with political messaging.

As for my grandson, watching the deeply embarrassing spectacle of a US president behave like an out-of-control child, his choice was clear.

For the editors to suggest neither candidate deserves an endorsement is a cop-out. If my grandson can figure it out, you should, too.