After serving as a nurse for 36 years before having to retire due to a physical disability, I'm a bit slow crossing the street. Can't run! This morning before 7 a.m., a young local police officer entered the intersection of South Main and Racine streets after I was given the right of way by the flashing white pedestrian sign. And as I'm halfway across, he cuts me off while pointing to the NOW orange "Don't Walk" symbol. That's rude and dangerous and probably unlawful. This is an incredibly busy intersection, usually, and lots of people live in this neighborhood. This police officer needs a refresher on respect protocol.

And the city of Janesville needs to install extended-time crosswalk monitoring as they have done already in the other parts of Main Street. There have been countless times that I have almost been hit by a vehicle while trying to legally cross this intersection. The extended-time crosswalks farther north on Main Street have helped me and other pedestrians a lot.



This letter to the editor has been edited to include relevant information about Ms. Koenig. She served as a nurse for 36 years before retiring due to a physical disability.