Dear Rock County Board members and Janesville Gazette,

We (I speak for myself and numerous others I have had the opportunity to discuss these matters with) fully support the repeal of any mandate concerning vaccination and the rehiring and reimbursement of any affected staff.

Having participated in the Jan. 28 board meeting, I have a couple very important comments:

First off, it seems to me that almost everyone on the board is under the assumption that the current mRNA vaccine offerings will prevent transmission of the virus. On their own admission, both Pfizer and Moderna acknowledge the fact that their vaccines do not guarantee against contraction or transmittal and that their respective efficacy rates of 90% and 95% are related solely to symptomatic relief.

This fact was mentioned by at least three people at a state Senate public hearing Jan. 21. Sen. Andre Jacque has that information, and his office can share its sources with you. On this fact alone it is ridiculous to discuss liabilities and protection of the residents of Rock Haven with regards to mandating or even pushing vaccination. One would only take the shots to protect oneself regarding severity of symptoms.

Secondly, there is much information that can be researched against the safety, efficacy, necessity and morality of these vaccines. And it is disingenuous to dismiss submissions in this regard through blunt and curt “misinformation“ statements by certain board members.

With so many false assumptions running rampant, I often call to mind Hans Christian Andersen's tale "The Emperor's New Clothes."