This letter is in response to an article in the June 27 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel concerning the spending of money by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

According to this article, Vos has hired a former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice to oversee Vos’ review of the 2020 election results. This retired judge voted with the conservatives “reliably” while serving on the court. There is no mention of cost or where the money is coming from.

This same article refers to two retired police officers investigating “illegalities” in the 2020 presidential election, the outcome of which Donald Trump refuses to accept. The cost is mentioned to be nearly $20,000 of taxpayer money, according to the article.

Where does Vos get the authority from to spend this taxpayer money whenever and however he pleases and demand the report to be confidential? I look at this as an abuse of his elected office.

What will it take to convince Vos that the election is past, that Trump has issued false statements and that Trump lost? How much money is he going to spend to fight results of an election where there has been no proof of election fraud, no proof of ballots counted incorrectly, and no proof of ballots being improperly handled or processed? Will he ever give up trying to find ways to suppress seniors and minorities from voting?




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