Will someone please tell me why veterinary clinics will not allow pet owners into the clinic when they take their pet in for a service?

It has been like this for over a year. Other businesses have opened up, including bars, restaurants, salons, but vet clinics remain closed to the public even if the owner is wearing a properly fitted mask. The only exception is if the pet is being euthanized.

Pet owners should be with their pet. Some pets are scared enough as it is, and if they are sick, they need the comfort of their owner even more.

Clinic owners forget its the pet owner who pays the salaries, mortgage, heat, A/C and upkeep of the building, yet we are not allowed in. In the winter, we get to sit outside in the cold and wait for them to get done with our pet. What a crock. There is no valid reason to banish owners from their pets when they need us the most.

They need to do right by the pets and owners and open the clinics again. Pets and owners deserve better. Unfortunately, better doesn't exist around here.