On Monday, The Gazette published a story (Page 1A) about Orfordville which portrays the town as trashy and redneck. From the first paragraphs, it’s disheartening to read about the village board president chewing tobacco during a professional interview. Although it’s understandable if the interviewer was offended, creating an article hook from this is inappropriate. So, I think it’s imperative that someone write an honest representation of Orfordville.

Orfordville is a beautiful community filled with people who take pride in looking after each other. Take, for example, the 21st Annual Children’s Benefit on Dec. 7. Last year, we raised roughly $13,000 to help 250 families in Rock County and $2,440 to benefit the Parkview School lunch program. This community has so much to be proud of, most recently placing 82nd out of 419 schools in the state report card, ranking higher than most area schools, including Janesville (391st), Beloit Turner (112th) and Beloit Memorial (411th).

The farms surrounding Orfordville have been family owned for generations. In a time when farm bankruptcies are rampant, these diligent men and women work tirelessly every day to provide for our communities. We may be a rural town, but we are not ignorant. Many of the district’s alumni have gone on to higher education or national service, something of which we should all be proud.

We have also been extremely lucky with recent business development. I implore you all to visit Orfordville on Nov. 30 to support local businesses and enjoy our Mayberry-themed Shop Small Saturday.