Dear U.S. Senators:

I understand that you need to direct your attention to the specific proof (facts) supporting the impeachment and conviction of President Trump.

There are two articles: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

The following points surround the above two issues, pointing to patterns of actions, integrity of purpose and consistent communications.

In the U.S. jury system, jurors review all of the facts, but as that is occurring, they are also making judgments about the accused, using their own value systems. These are called observations in real-time, not facts.

Here a list of some real-time observations of President Trump (depending on your value system): Consistently employs an irrational approach to decision-making. Quickly changes positions on policy with no justification. Remains apparently unaffected by any preconceived set of values. Does not exhibit any strong set of visionary objectives. Chooses to communicate in unprofessional and inappropriate manners. Misleads people with untruths and fabrications.

Most decisions made by juries encompass the proof presented, but those decisions are also affected by individual perceptions of jurors. Those real-time perceptions depend on our own value system.