Regarding as to opening this state to all businesses, why not? All essential places have been operating since we first knew of the coronavirus and have safely done so! Other nonessential businesses could do the same safely. People who do not want to go to those places, it's their choice; but those that want to may do so (freedom of choice).

When the coronavirus was indicated at first, the coronavirus was considered very contagious and was classified an emergency and was the reason for all nonessential to close by the governor. However, after months and learning more about the virus, it would not be considered an emergency at this time. Therefore, each city council person who answers to his or her district people has a say in the opening to all businesses. (Managers, mayor or governors are not dictators but govern over their city or state.)

As far as polls taken, it depends who you call and how you question that person. I do not feel polls are very accurate.