The death toll has risen above 80,000 in our country, and many still do not wear masks. Donald Trump still downplays the virus as if it will be overcome by his denial. He is blaming everyone he can for the virus--China, Barack Obama, etc.

Republicans want to open up the country, even though our government still is not coping or doing anything about overcoming the virus with testing, tracing and treating. The leaders of our federal government say they are actively combating the virus, yet how many of you have been offered a free virus test lately? Our president continues to encourage chaos by not using a mask and having others around him not do so as well.

He encourages violent protests to “open up the country,” knowing full well the death toll will increase with this. He continues to rant and cast blame on TV, performing rather than using the TV time in a calming fashion. For the most part, his GOP goes along with this philosophy of blaming and avoiding leadership. The virus cares not what we do. It is a virus and will continue to follow its pandemic path as long as we continue to ignore or give it a home by not using masks and social distancing. You can’t fence it in or shoot it.