Over the past six days, 35,000 Wisconsinites have contracted the coronavirus.

Over 200 people have died.

Yesterday’s infection rate was 40.3%, higher than nearly any other state in our nation.

This is a raging worldwide pandemic that is entering its worst stage to date. This is a health disaster unfolding before our eyes. It needs to be contained so that we can put our economy and our well-being back together, not ignored.

The only way to contain it until vaccines arrive is to mask, social distance, avoid gatherings and operate upon the belief that we all are carriers and employ the strategies put forth by health experts. This is our state's and country’s challenge. How we walk together united in our effort to protect all of us from this scourge will determine our success.

When we wag fingers at one another, we can’t move away from this nightmare. Together is the only way to face this challenge.

It is imperative that our elected leaders demonstrate a determination and commitment to do what is best, right and good as put forth by science. The Legislature and governor must commit to seek the common good and awaken to the human cry COVID is inflicting on our state and people.

There’s one thing we can all be sure of: Whatever the future holds, it will be shared. We’ll live together as one or perish as fools. People must come before politics and state and country before party. Wisconsin is caught up in a political mess and we need to heal our state.