This is in reply to letter to the editor published Dec. 3.

The letter writer claims the present occupant of the White House is a fighter for various actions. My father told us an old, but true, cliché: “We are all born ignorant, but to remain so becomes stupidity.”

So, let's examine his false claims.

“Securing the border” Trump refused to acknowledge the Trump virus, he destroyed America’s ability to respond to a pandemic. While this administration finally closed travel with China, the virus was coming in from Europe.

He tried to steal military family housing money to build his wall. Americans are banned from traveling just about anywhere because we are the pestilence and vermin capital of the world.

“Historic trade deals” put the farming industry in the toilet. After his stupid tariffs, Congress was forced to make welfare subsidies to farmers, which the big corporations grabbed before the family farms.

Every democratic country in the world considers him a lying buffoon.

They do not trust him. China beat us with their Asian Pact.

On “cutting taxes," obviously the letter writer has no idea that Republicans are raising taxes on middle- and lower-class Americans in 2021 and 2022. No one else.

The last example of stupid is the repetition of baseless lies about election fraud. Like his fearful leader, no proof was provided. There never will be any. It does not exist.

Trump’s latest grifting of money is for “election fraud” from “suckers and losers."