I read the Wednesday letter to the editor stating that Leonard Pitts is an unabashed racist.

As usual with this kind of rant, absolutely no proof was offered to confirm that assumption. Why did The Gazette even print this tripe? I have come to expect much better from this paper.

The letter writer said his feelings were hurt when Mr. Pitts wrote an article listing the Republican Party’s acts that were racist.

Well, when the leaders of the Republican Party abdicate common sense and embrace the racist Donald Trump, what else would decent Americans think?

Trump has trashed Latino immigrants as “rapist, drug dealers." His attempts to paint Muslims as un-American were lies.

He has continually lied about the impact of immigrants. We all would be better off investigating the “Christian nationalist” who have committed a number of murders in the interest of white purity.

When Trump was “acquitted” by a Republican Senate who refused to hear witnesses or review documents, decent Americans could see the “fix” was in. The entire Republican Party is accountable for its actions. Only Sen. Mitt Romney refused to fully embrace the “acquittal.” No one else spoke up.

So a racist leader was not held accountable in the face of overwhelming evidence by his own party. If you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.