The citizens of Walworth County have been looking for presidential action for months.

Initially, we could have seen an early effort in January to reach out to the younger generations concerning the COVID-19 virus, maybe through all of the social media platforms.

Secondly, the action of putting someone in charge of monitoring and directly supporting all of the nursing/senior homes in this country might have helped. Being ahead of the game could have saved many lives.

Additionally, President Trump should have assigned two medical professionals to concentrate on urban areas as well as rural areas. By using this federal action, we would have zeroed in on each of these areas' problems.

The citizens of Walworth County have also not enjoyed any federal type of planning or strategy that normally happens during national emergencies. The “pass the buck” syndrome has grown in the White House. A true leader immediately thinks about the next step and the next step and the next step. Our current President only thinks one day at a time.

Finally, the White House’s total focus has been the re-election of the president. Understandably, with the election four months away, that is expected. But our constitution requires that the president serve and protect the citizens of this country.

There are many Walworth County residents who do not feel protected and served. There has been no concentrated effort or thought about how we in middle America will be surviving this virus.

Does President Trump deserve another four years? In my opinion, he does not deserve another four months.