I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Janesville Police Chief Moore at our local Kiwanis meeting regarding the training of our officers.

It was eye opening. The level of education and training is remarkable. Officers are not only trained locally but are sent to schools and seminars around the country to learn the latest techniques and then return to pass on what they learn to the rest of the force.

The main goal is not to arrest people but to deescalate and resolve situations. The use if force is a last resort; to be used only when there is no other apparent alternative.

We are blessed in Janesville to have the finest of police and fire departments around. The next time you have an opportunity, say "Thank you" to those who serve us so well.

Let us hope that none of these "defund the police" kooks shows up in Janesville. If they do we should tell them to go seek mental help.

I thank the entire city administration for our low taxes that are spent as if it was their own money and the quality of life is top notch.




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