Tony Evers is extending the mask mandate to 2021 because of the COVID-19 spread, but if lockdowns and mask mandates actually worked, why is COVID-19 still spreading?

The pandemic has been so politicized, information originating after the onset is hopelessly compromised. This extends to reporting the number of cases. Recently the CDC was forced to admit that because of comorbidities, of the 220,000 reported deaths of people with COVID-19, only 6% listed COVID-19 as the only cause of death.

Focus on the transmission of pathogens has been on the fecal-oral route, hence emphasis on hand washing and droplet spread, hence 6-foot social distancing and the wearing of masks. The latter mode in particular panders to Democrats' inner bully. What has been ignored is the third mode, aerosols. Here pathogens pass through the masks and are dispersed through recycled air from HVAC systems. Cruise ship passengers and New York apartment dwellers consequently were infected early on despite complying with lock-down orders. Aerosol transmission renders mitigation efforts counterproductive, duplicating conditions that lead to flu and colds peaking during the fall. Hospital isolation wards require special HVAC systems with negative room pressure to contain pathogens.

Because less than 1% of the population is susceptible, herd immunity is a legitimate strategy for dealing with the virus, contrary to your earlier guest editorial. Vaccinations are merely a safe and rapid way of achieving herd immunity. Public health measures therefore only need to focus on isolating those who are sick or susceptible, while the 99% who are not can go about their normal lives.