I try not to degrade or malign other political parties. After all, it is the American way to disagree with others and align oneself with those who agree with your particular views.

I have had great respect for past politicians running for president, but I'm finding myself having to redefine the Republican Party.

No matter how ridiculous or damaging the actions taken by our president have become, the majority of Republicans have said or done very little to correct these actions. I have come to believe this is the party of silence.

In a recent book, many of the statements made by former Congressman Paul Ryan have voiced regret for not taking a more active role in preserving the Constitution. I wonder if other Wisconsin Republicans will feel the same way when they eventually leave the political realm.

It is easy to show courage after an incident occurs. It takes real courage to take action during a crisis that screams for integrity in leadership. The vast majority of Republicans have not shown very much in the way of either. I have come to believe the only hope we have is to unseat all Republicans and force this party to start over again. Perhaps in this new attempt, they will find their integrity and courage.