A recent letter to the editor claimed Trump to be one of the best presidents ever, ending with the statement: “Look past personal traits and foibles and recognize the truth.”

Here are some truths:

He admires and respects dictators Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un but takes every opportunity to denigrate other leaders in our own country, such as John McCain, George W. Bush and President Obama to name a few.

He is an impeached president that abused the powers of his office for personal political gain. He attacks the free press in our country because it refuses to buy into his numerous falsehoods, damaging trust in many legitimate news outlets.

He is a petty man that doesn’t care about anyone but himself. While Americans are dying from the virus, or struggling to feed their family, Trump is tweeting about his press ratings or his golf courses. He whines about how unfair the press treats him and hurls unfounded accusations against the former president. What decent human being cannot show humility and compassion during a crisis?

The truth is that he is trying to place himself above the laws of this country. His lawyers argued to the Supreme Court that he should not have to comply with subpoenas from either Congress or criminal courts. If he is successful at this attempt, it will be a sad day in this country, since it will have compromised the very foundation of our democracy.

Yes, please recognize the truth. Trump is unfit to lead this country and needs to go.