Hammy's Roadside Bar has been more than reasonable trying to keep peace in the neighborhood.

They have shortened the hours of music and number of nights they have live music.

The complaining neighbors are trying to run the show.

I see no difference of me buying a house near Five Points in Janesville and trying to get the railroad to quit blowing their horns or buying near the airport and complaining of the jets coming and going.

The city council needs to look at lady justice (blindfolded) weighing ALL of the factors before making a ruling.

Hammy's has been an asset to the community for many years, but because some person builds a house near them they are required to change?

A house is a major purchase. I would have thought they should have looked at ALL of the aspects of location of their new home rather than try to change things after having it built.

Hopefully, the city council will find no merit in the complaint and leave Hammy's to continue to appease them as they see fit.