I don't know about the rest of Wisconsinites, but I am so tired of partisan politics that I'm losing faith in our system. What is it with the GOP? It's refusing to accept millions of dollars in federal money for Medicaid expansion. This should be a no-brainer.

Our country is being battered at every level with the malevolent actions of political parties, and the divide is getting so bad that we have trouble discussing any item of import in a problem-solving fashion.

Why is the GOP so intent on not helping to get a solution to repair our roads, for crying out loud? The money is going to come out of somewhere. If not a gas tax, then the GOP should give some legitimate alternatives.

The GOP in Wisconsin is so intent to make it impossible for our state government to function, they are forgetting who they are supposed to be working for and with--the people of Wisconsin! We need to start electing adults who problem solve beyond their own party's power struggles. We need to get people who are serious about helping government work.