Roads desperately need repair in Wisconsin, and the work is being held up by disagreement over who should pay. The obvious answer is the users should pay. There would be no need for roads otherwise. Those who use and damage it the most should pay the most. As of yet, we don’t pay per mile. So charging a user fee (gas tax) at the pump is the easy way to pay for roads.

The heavier vehicles use the most gas and do the most damage to the roads, and so they pay the higher fee. Heavy trucks require much more robust roads that are much costlier to build and repair. Therefore, they should pay more, though a fuel tax may not be adequate to pay their share of costs and expenses.

The use of electric vehicles must be encouraged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They don’t use much if any fuel, and so in the future, road building and repair will need to be paid by charging by the mile and weight.

Registration fees should not be used for road building and repair. Many people don’t drive much but do need a vehicle.



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