If leading the world in coronavirus infections and deaths is a mark of greatness, Trump has indeed made America great.

Achieving this distinction is a direct result of lack of leadership from Trump. The U.S. has recorded 214,000 COVID-19 deaths; Canada 9,700, Japan 1,700, Australia 900 and South Korea 500.

It is not surprising to learn that Trump paid minuscule or zero income taxes. Republican “tax cuts” contain tax loopholes available mostly to billionaires and large corporations. We who pay taxes on income earned by our labor are tossed scraps.

Trump promised a “great” health care system to replace the Affordable Care Act. We’re still waiting. Trump only cares about Trump. Like the veterans who sacrificed their lives for our country, Trump sees us as suckers.

We need a leader to unite the country so we can deal with this coronavirus and its ruinous effects on our economy and the education of our children. Trump is no leader. He is a habitual liar and divider in chief. Trump’s unwillingness to declare that he will accept the results of the election should he lose is a position taken by dictators of Third World countries.

If you have already cast your vote for Trump, go to your room. If you have not yet cast your vote, cast that vote for Joe Biden. The future of this country, indeed, this democracy, depends on removing Trump from office.

If you cast your vote for Trump, you seriously need to have your noggin examined.