The Fourth of July is the antitheses of military might and demagoguery. The Declaration of Independence is about freedom, ideas, rights and equality. It’s about being free from oppressive force, not flaunting it. It’s about responsible government by its citizens. It’s about farmers with muskets defeating expensively uniformed, well-armed, well-fed, well-led, overwhelming British military forces who were far from home.

Right makes might—not the other way around.

Education was the genius behind the founding of our country. Men knowledgeable in science, arts, language and philosophy as well as common sense led the way. Solid character, integrity and foresight set up a government, established laws and powers and created the U.S.A. we celebrate because of the Fourth of July.

People in this country today generate enough wealth to provide homes, health care, education and energy for all its citizens. The idea that half that wealth--$800 billion annually—is spent on weapons of war, war mongering and foreign political meddling would never have been imagined or tolerated. George Washington opposed even a standing army!

The 65% of Americans who oppose the direction and leadership of our current government should show up in Washington, D.C., on the Fourth to counter the 35% who back it. That would be worth celebrating.