I applaud Gov. Tony Evers for thinking of upgrading our school systems.

I think Edgerton's is very good, but the teachers should be paid more, and I mean all teachers. I see them going by long after school is out for the students.

However, I can't understand this deal with the roads. Wasn't the lottery supposed to pay for the roads? The lotto has been very successful, so why haven't the roads been fixed? Any trucker can tell you, Wisconsin roads are the pits!

Another thing: The governor is pro-abortion (as is his party). Millions who have been aborted could've been paying for your retirement, Social Security and pensions. No one thought of that when the bill was passed. No one thought that an innocent child who was not wanted could be adopted by someone who would love him/her/them. Abortion laws need to be changed so that every life is sacred—from womb to tomb.

But you bunch of hypocrites who didn't like Scott Walker put in someone who wants to kill babies but still talks about preserving a wonderful school system. Isn't that talking out of both sides of the mouth?

Very disturbing indeed. God bless America.



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