The U.S. Supreme Court is broken; I have not come to this belief lightly.

Our country has always depended on the wisdom of our SCOTUS I times of trouble.

The political preferences of appointee’s have ruled the day, whenever you can predict with almost certainty how a judge will rule, you have to wonder where the open discussion is?

The GOP’s resistance of ruling on a recommended president, refusing to allow a discussion for 11 months, feeds the feeling of “the fix is in."

Lastly, the specific beliefs of a nominated person having no bearing of how they are appointed, (Kavanaugh and Thomas with their alleged sexual assault history having no effect on their nominations).

Finally, Barrett, with her religious agenda clearly voiced and her actions predetermined, you have to ask why we have a Supreme Court if people have no say in who is nominated and why? Why not just let the sitting president just seat them? It really is the same outcome in most cases and if Congress has a majority, just let them seat a judge in the SCOTUS, that’s the outcome anyway.

Why we allow our delusions of having a fair nomination dominate our thinking is beyond me. Live in reality, those in power will abuse that power because, well, they are people, and they like money and power. So, again I voice my opinion, the Supreme Court is broken.