As we cast our absentee ballots or stand in line to expose ourselves to COVID, the relentless climate emergency time bomb ticks down like the classic movie script where the hero or heroine has two minutes to defuse the explosion.

The seconds are measured in numbers of hurricanes, numbers of record forest fires, number of melted polar ice sheets.

Picture your favorite hero Bruce Willis recognizing the danger to humanity and using every second to avert disaster. Now picture the "hero" who the Electoral College put in charge of our national security and the free world. His message is, "What bomb ticking?"

As you watch the script unravel, you hope the real hero will jump in at the last minute to cut the wires on the bomb. That hero is humble and clear thinking Joe Biden with empathetic helper Kamala Harris.

The difference between TV and reality is that we voters can cut the wires at this exact second on the climate bomb. Nov. 3 is our brief window of opportunity to rescue our national security, our democracy and our planet.

We need the next four years to solve the climate emergency for our grandchildren. Green jobs, here we come!