There is a lot of the stuff going around about global warming and how people are killing the earth. According to NASA’s Goddard Institute, the average global temperature has risen 1.4 degrees since 1880. Do not listen to Al Gore and his band of ultra-left-wing followers.

Scientist are finding dinosaur fossils along the north slopes of Alaska, 300 miles north of Fairbanks. These were plant-eating dinosaurs. They lived 69 million years ago. Also the woolly mammoth had a range from Wisconsin to northern Alaska, and they were plant eaters.

What does this prove? It proves the earth was warmer back then than what it is now. There were no cars, planes or coal-fired generators to dump pollution into the air that might cause greenhouse gases back then. Earth has cycles of warm and cold, and there is nothing we can do about it. Climate changes accrue about every 100,000 years. There have been five ice ages that have been recorded along with five periods of global warming.

Al Gore and his flowers can run all over the world in their private jets and limos making millions of dollars trying to tell the people how to live. You don’t see Al Gore doing what he is trying to tell the rest of us to do. The only thing he is interested in is making his millions of dollars on speeches.

I ask everyone to please check out the facts on the internet. Check it out before you believe anything these so-called scientists are trying to tell you.