Now that the Trump train wreck will soon be leaving, let's hope the wrecking ball goes along with.

God knows it inflicted enough damage and pain on our country and our people. You bragged endlessly about draining the swamp but instead filled it with bigger alligators and more greasy politicians like yourself.

You bragged endlessly about making America great but chose instead to make America hate, by pitting neighbors, friends, and even family members against one another through your divisiveness.

Every day more vile filth spewed from your ignorant yap and cellphone. The more obscene and offensive your rhetoric became, the more your followers embraced and enjoyed it.

History will regard you as human garbage incapable of telling the truth and our worst, most corrupt president ever.

Don't go away mad, Donald, just go away. Pack up and move south of your precious wall and stay there. This country doesn't need more people who think, talk and act like you. 

And in the event you missed the memo, because rumor has it you don't read, you're fired!