As the Democrats pounded the final nails into their party's coffin at the impeachment inquiry, the only notable elephant in the room was truth, an arch enemy of many Democrats. Testimonies were based on hearsay, opinions, and uncertainties, and there wasn't even an iota of a crime except the waste of time and money along with the attack on Trump, which was a ploy to avoid the high crimes of Joe Biden and his son. I know of no sane person who constantly bears false witness against someone simply because they don't like the person. It's not only psychotic. It's criminal.

George Orwell brilliantly stated, "Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and give an appearance of solidity to pure wind." How well that applies today!

The side that defines the vocabulary wins the debate. You can win a culture or bring down a president by changing the language. Our language has been corrupted to weaponize the left. It was used at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and was so obvious at the impeachment inquiries.

Adolf Hitler used it against the people and had a formal propaganda ministry similar to our mainstream media, which I call the enemy of the people and which I state with no reservations. Bent language produces bent minds.

It's a form of political correctness that stifles free speech. It makes emotion override logic and makes truth take a back seat to everything.