Democrats continue to call Republicans "racist" every chance they get. I believe we should explore that a little.

It was a Republican president who went to war to free the slaves. After this was accomplished, the Democrat Party became the most segregationist and racist party that ever existed. We had Sen. Robert Byrd who rose to the rank of Exhalted Cyclops of the KKK. Should we remove his name or image from all the things named after him like the Democrats want to do for President George Washington?

We would have had civil rights laws much sooner if Lyndon Johnson had not opposed them until the Democrats found out that the abortion laws they passed were going to decimate their voter base. Civil rights laws would not have passed if a large group of Republicans had not voted for them because so many Democrats opposed them.

The Democrats don't really care about children, evidenced by their support of abortion laws. The Democrats are in favor of socialism, which would turn the U.S.A. into just another failed country in history. Democrats have failed to decry the Antifa groups that riot and threaten lives. Democrats are always promising to help colored people, but when they had absolute control of the government, they did absolutely nothing.

In the coming months, everybody should take a good look at who is really the bad party.