Democrats are calling for mail-in elections, expanded early voting and absentee ballots mailed to every registered voter with no ID required and no witness signature. Voter lists are filled with the names of voters who have moved, are registered more than once or who have died.

Absentee ballots are already allowed in every state. But Democrats want to get rid of the safety precautions.

Mailing a ballot to all registered voters means hundreds of thousands of ballots will go to homes for people who no longer live there or are registered multiple times. They’re going to get more than one ballot. How many of those are going to get voted?

The Heritage Foundation voter fraud database has almost 1,300 proven cases of voter fraud. It lists 15 instances in which courts threw out election results based on absentee voting fraud. Misguided Democrat proposals will open our elections up to voter fraud and must be stopped.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation found more than 3,000 individuals registered multiple times in New Mexico and 1,700 registrants who are dead. These alleged voters would receive ballots automatically if Democrat efforts are successful.

After a massive fraud case in Florida resulted in election results being thrown out in 1997, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement concluded, “The absentee ballot is the ‘tool of choice’ for those who are engaging in election fraud.”

Absentee ballots should be requested, and a voter ID and witness signature should be required to prevent fraud.