Fake news is not new. Hitler spread his propaganda concerning Jews, communists and capitalism through a newspaper he acquired. Hitler discredited honest independent reporting with his slogan, repeated over and over: “lugenpresse,” which translates to “fake news.” Donald Trump calls any coverage he doesn’t like “fake news,” using this term 270 times last year. Trump’s megaphone, Fox “News,” repeats his lies.

Just five corporations dominate our news industry today. Where can we get noncorporate controlled news and opinions? One answer is WADR, 103.5 FM, the community radio station in Janesville. Besides locally produced shows, the station carries syndicated programs, independent from corporate media, which cover world, national and Wisconsin events.

“Democracy Now!” is a daily, independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. The Thom Hartmann program is the No. 1 progressive talk show in America with a cumulative audience of 7 million people. Dominic Salvia and Mike Crute host the “Devil’s Advocates” radio show, which provides entertaining and informative items of national and state interest. You can find all three programs in the Monday through Friday. The WADR schedule is available at www.janesvilleradio.org.

WADR 103.5 FM is low power. The signal weakens beyond 10 miles of Janesville. But WADR is streamed on the internet, and the three programs mentioned are also live streamed and available as podcasts from their respective sources located with a simple internet search.

Tired of hearing funny little voices in your head? Turn off Fox “News” and turn on WADR.