It was a 3x5 sign placed on a local machine company’s property.

It was only a temporary political campaign sign at that.

I watched that sign stand proudly with its campaign names displayed, as intended, quickly defaced with BLM graffiti and then repaired.

Next, I watched that sign burned/charred and then repaired again.

Finally, I watched that sign once again defaced with so much BLM graffiti the sign was beyond recognition. It was then removed as the company’s owner stood by, quite angry I would imagine.

It was just a sign!

Business districts in cities across America—Madison, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Louisville, Baltimore—have likewise experienced BLM/antifa-led violence, looting, burning estimated to be $2 billion of damage or more.

Like that sign, those cities' buildings and plywood windows are also now adorned with BLM graffitti.

Our merchants, government buildings, police stations and cars, police themselves and diners eating out are being disrespected, intimidated, violently injured and looted.

This is how the emotionally dysfunctional, childish BLM/antifa anarchists are choosing to express themselves—with violent, hostile intimidation, personal property destruction.

Listening and conversations for change are not allowed.

Whether it’s just a sign or our city businesses or our nation’s law enforcement being destroyed, it’s unlawful and wrong.

Malcomb Forbes once said, ”The perpetual sin is attributing ones own to others,” and “A reformer is one who wants a chance at the trough.”

I encourage BLM supporters to stop being the victim.

End the violence.

Get to the trough and peacefully engage in conversation for real change.