A recent letter written to The Gazette called Sen. Ron Johnson a Trump sycophant.

Let's look at what Mr. Hamel missed on Johnson's investigations of Hunter Biden. He called it a waste of money. Since MSM, Twitter and Facebook banned any negative reporting on the Bidens prior to the election, he may have missed that Hunter has been under federal investigation since 2018.

The FBI and DOJ have also had Hunter's laptop for a year now with it's trove of information coming to light. Money laundering, securities fraud and tax problems coming from foreign sources.

Hunter's trips to China were thanks to V.P. Joe Biden and Air Force One. Hard to believe Joe didn't know what his son was doing.

China has a 30 plus year history of trying to gain access to the inner working of our government, businesses, intellectual properties, technology, Wall Street and academia. An article in the Washington Times last Sunday quoted excerpts from a Chinese academic (Di Dongsheng) saying the Biden presidency will reconnect China to a "core circle" of "old friends" to influence the United States policy. China is welcoming the prospect of a Biden presidency. The arrival of Donald Trump disrupted that cozy relationship.

Come on man, open your eyes. Joe Biden is just a puppet of China. Go get 'em Ron Johnson.

Joe Biden's brother Jimmy is also under criminal investigation for the same thing. When one of his business associates inquired how can you get away with this, he answered, plausible deniability.